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How Bright is One Candle?
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How bright is one candle? How many lumens does one candle produce? I don't know either, but I have always been impressed with those spotlights that claim to be as bright as 1,000,000 candles. Really, 1 million candles? How did they measure 1 million candles? So how bright is one candle? Or two? Or 72 candles?

candle_light.JPGWhy did Jesus send out the 72 in Luke 10, two by two? There is strength in numbers.  As Ecclesiastes 4:12 states, "A strand of three cords is not easily broken." However, in our independent western culture, we rely on ourselves and we value being strong individuals rather than being dependent and connected to others.

At the same time we live in the reality that everyone desires to be needed and known. Our culture values independence, but we want to be known. Our culture values doing things by yourself, but we want to be needed.

The way of Christ calls us into a lifestyle of being connected to one another for the glory of God. As a disciple of Christ my desire to be needed and known is not rooted in my own selfish ambition, but in the desire to be connected to a family that values living in the shadow of the Cross.

Living in the shadow of the Cross is where transformation happens because I soon realize that dying to myself draws me into community and dependence on others.

Jesus sent out his disciples two by two because the witness and testimony of Christ is greater when there are others walking the journey together.

Jesus sent out his disciples in clusters because 1 million candles can help live out the truth proclaimed: "So let your light shine before men so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Being transformed in community allows the strength of our combined testimony to bear witness to the Cross of Christ and the empty tomb.  

May we come together as light in the dark world to truly be the spotlight that shines as bright as1,000,000 candles.