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We want to help you be intentional about leading your children to a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.   We believe that every developing child needs:

  •  A really big God they can trust no matter what.
  •  Someone else who believes what they believe.
  •  Another voice saying the same thing parents say.
  •  Uncommon sense to help them make wise choices.  
  •  Nosy parents who know where their kids are spiritually.

I'm New.  What do I do?

You will find a team of Children's Ministry volunteers waiting in the northeast corner of the building to help you check in and take your children to their classrooms.  Many parents park by the playground and come in through those doors.  While you are there, you will be asked to register your child.  You will then receive a sticker with a matching number.  The matching numbered sticker is used as a security measure when children are picked up.  Please hold onto those as they cannot be reprinted and you will be asked to present them to the room leaders when you are picking up your child. You can also print the registration card and bring it with you to simplify your check-in. 


We have glow necklaces for your children to wear their first time with us.  Be sure to ask for one.


Where Can I Find...

Infant Nursing Room 
We have established a quiet private area where nursing mothers can feed their infants.  The area is located just inside the women's restroom in the east hallway.  It is equipped with rocking chairs, a couch, a crib, and a changing table.  You may also access live video feed from the auditorium.


Changing Tables
Changing tables are located in all restrooms—both men's and women's—and the Infant Nursing Room.


Safe Place

How do I know my children will be safe?


High Pointe is a Safe Place for families.  All employees and volunteers who work with children are required to attend a safety training session and provide information for a screening process.  This training provides guidelines for safety procedures and classroom conduct. 


The screening process includes completion of a Volunteer Application and Safe Place Video  and a Background Check. Screened and trained individuals can be identified by their photo badge with the Safe Place logo.


You can participate in Bible class and worship knowing your children are loved and secure.